About us


Food is complicated, like everything else in our modern lives. Stressed, busy, and on a strict budget, we sometimes make choices that fulfill our current needs at the expense of our families and our community in the long run.

But that’s not your fault. In fact, the food system was designed this way – to prioritize convenience and profit over providing quality, healthy food for everyone in a sustainable way.

Meanwhile, we hear stories about those who go hungry in our community at the same time we see uneaten food tossed in the trash. We listen to news reports about climate change, and we long for a chance to connect with our neighbors over a shared meal.

What if our food system could meet our own needs and those of everyone in our community? We think that is possible but it means we need to look at new ways of growing, processing, transporting, accessing, and valuing food.

Together, we can build a food system for all. 

Food rescue

Iowa Food Coalition is committed to making the food system easier to navigate. One of those systems includes food rescue. Making informed, healthy choices can and does contribute to our food system’s success. But we also need the collective power of the community to generate innovative solutions and advocate for a food system we all deserve.

By making more community level data available, we believe we can further food rescue efforts and opportunities. Learn more about food rescue work happening in central Iowa and find out,

local food & distribution

With Iowa’s background in agriculture, it is astounding that up to 90% of the food we eat is imported from out of state, not grown locally. This is the result of the collective actions of thousands of people over decades. Since these systems were designed by humans, they can also be fixed by humans—by people like us working together.

We are taking steps to fill the gaps making it difficult for local food growers and businesses to thrive. One of those steps is adding shared infrastructure – our refrigerated truck Barry! If Barry could help you move your food and work forward,