What is food rescue?
In short, an amazing way to prevent food waste and increase food security.
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who needs FOOD?

The simple answer? Everyone needs food. Food is powerful. Not only does it nourish our bodies, food affects how we feel physically and emotionally. However, food is not evenly distributed in our community. Thousands of central Iowans struggle to access healthy food. 

Where is food?

Millions of pounds of food are hauled into our community daily. Unfortunately, 40% of this food never gets into a stomach. We’ve made it easy to see which grocers and convenience stores in central Iowa are actively engaged in food recovery efforts. 

where can food go? 

First we ask, where are people? By partnering with groups and organizations where people naturally gather, we are improving food access by putting food where community is – like libraries, neighborhood refrigerators, housing complexes, and daycare facilities.  

Join The Conversation!

Just like an old-fashioned potluck, all of us bring something different to the table: a new perspective, a singular passion, an authentic voice, a unique network of connections. So pull up a chair. At our table, you can become an ingredient for change in the food system.

Does your food business need updated?  

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